A Spark of Madness - 松露辣椒油

A Spark of Madness - 松露辣椒油

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🌶️ 包含8個辣椒品種。
🌱 100%素食主義者
🇭🇰 香港製造。

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A Spark of Madness - 松露辣椒油
火花松露辣椒酥由瘋狂的火花 -
HK$ 199.00
Regular price Sale price HK$199.00
有售 售罄
A Spark of Madness - 松露辣椒油
The Spark Truffle Chili Crisp, the perfect fusion of Asian and Italian flavors. This vegan chili oil is infused with black truffle oil and black truffle, making it the perfect addition to any meal. Whether it's noodles or fried rice, this chili oil will add a delicious kick to the meal. So why not try something new? With Spark Truffle Chili Crisp, you can bring the flavors of Asia and Italy together in one delicious dish. 🌶️ Contains 8 Chili varietals. 🌱 100% Vegan 🇭🇰 Made in Hong Kong.

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