Playful - 叮叮電車圖案襪子

Playful - 叮叮電車圖案襪子

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叮叮電車圖案襪子描繪最經典的香港電車,它是將人們串聯往返港島東及港島西的交通工具。它正如文化象徵的Aqua Luna張保仔號中式帆船,暢遊維港是必試的地道體驗。


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Playful - 叮叮電車圖案襪子
Playful - 叮叮電車圖案襪子
Regular price Sale price HK$79.00
有售 售罄
Playful - 叮叮電車圖案襪子

"Ding Ding" - The tram is approaching its station!

In Hong Kong, the tram, a.k.a. "Ding Ding" has been serving Hong Kong people since the early 1900s. It has created an important link between people from the east side to the west side. Also, it marks the history and witnesses the development of the city. Now, Ding Ding is still Hong Kong people's favorite and becomes one of the "must-see" when visiting Hong Kong. 

Aside from Ding Ding, the red-sail Chinese junk boats, otherwise known as Aqua Luna is also an important symbol of Hong Kong. If you didn't get the chance to sail one, then you should at least ride on it (with your socks). 

Playful Socks is a clothing store that specialized in designing exceptional patterned and funky socks.

Their journey begins in 2018 in Hong Kong, but the origin is from the bottom of four youngsters' hearts. They are a team of young and energetic people who have one goal in common: spreading playfulness to people and giving them a reason to smile.

Their biggest belief is that they shall stay true to themselves and embrace who they are. With this in mind, we design our socks by embracing cultures, our surroundings, and our passions in each collection.

The Playful Socks, not only do "Whatever It Takes" to create unique stylish socks patterns with a wide range of color combinations, but they also balance comfortableness, durability, environmental-friendly, and price for everyone.

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