BeCandle 佛手柑雪松香薰蠟燭 200毫升

BeCandle 佛手柑雪松香薰蠟燭 200毫升

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🌲 佛手柑雪松香味。
🇭🇰 香港製造。

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BeCandle 佛手柑雪松香薰蠟燭 200毫升
佛手柑雪松木 BeCandle 香薰蠟燭 200 毫升
Regular price Sale price HK$220.00
有售 售罄

Scent Note: Bergamot, cardamom, ginger, cedarwood, clove, jasmine, water lily, sandalwood, vanilla pod, patchouli, dried fig

Lighting this candle is sure to whisk you away to a walk in the woods. It’s opulent and spicy, with ginger, clove, sandalwood, and cardamon featuring as some of the additional scent notes.

Made in SAI KUNG, a quiet seaside outskirt of Hong Kong with high-quality vegetal wax in small-batch, clean burn, lead-free cotton wick, and premium fragrance oil. No added dyes.


Vegetal Wax, Coconut Oil, Fine Fragrance, Essential Oil

Container Size: 7.4 (dia.) x 8.2 (H) cm 

Product Dimensions:90mm X 85mm X 90mm

Net weight: 200g

Approximate burn time: 50 hours

Established in 2012, BeCandle is a fragrance product factory and lab located in the heart of Sai Kung. Based on the outskirts of Hong Kong, they produce in small batches with high-quality craftsmanship.

They strive to create each piece with care and quality, using a blend of vegetal and soy wax, fine fragrances, and essential oils from Europe housed in hand-blown glass vessels. They have a proud history of creativity and collaboration with international and local brands as well as a one-off exclusive piece.

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