Conspiracy Chocolates 3塊裝迷你朱古力

Conspiracy Chocolates 3塊裝迷你朱古力

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立即訂購,最快送遞日子 Thursday 23 May 2024.

對喜歡零食的人士來說,朱古力是無法抗拒的,而Conspiracy Chocolates 更是令人回味無窮!此朱古力包裝提供三種口味:焦糖海鹽,玄米茶和朱古力原味。他們的朱古力適合素食主義者,而且多吃也不會有罪惡感。

🍫 有3種不同的口味
🌱 100%純素
🍬 天然朱古力,不含添加劑

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Conspiracy Chocolates 3塊裝迷你朱古力
3 Mini Chocolate Bars by Conspiracy Chocolate •
$ 230.00
Regular price Sale price HK$230.00
有售 售罄
Conspiracy Chocolates 3塊裝迷你朱古力
Our first ever creation, the crunch of the caramel with the salt pairs nicely with the smooth dark chocolate. There is a reason why this bar is still the best-seller and a popular flavour pairing in traditional cooking.

Imagine the tingly numbing flavour of the Sichuan Pepper combined with the sweetness of chocolate... This bar offers a unique experience; the taste of the chocolate will evolve with every bite as the pepper slowly changes the way the mouth feels. This bar is not spicy!


For the purist, Nibby offers the real cacao experience.

The taste of the cacao bean is reinforced with toasted nibs on the top of the bar adding an extra crunch. The smoothness of the chocolate contrast with the crunch of the cacao nibs. Probably the best bar to reap all the benefits from the cacao. 

Conspiracy Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Hong Kong.  We use cacao beans from Vietnam and process them slowly to preserve the benefits and taste of the cacao. We do not use any additives, only nuts, herbs and spices to create some fun combinations. Our chocolate is guilt-free and accidentally vegan.

Conspiracy Chocolate是一家設在香港的豆製巧克力公司。我們使用來自越南的可可,並儘可能地保持可可的最佳狀況和味道。我們不使用任何添加劑,只使用堅果和香料等原材料來創造一些特別的口味。我們的巧克力是使用低糖配方和天然純素。

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