Noms of the Day - 楓釉迷迭香山核桃

Noms of the Day - 楓釉迷迭香山核桃

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😋 美味的小食。
🍁 楓木釉面。
🌱 100%純素。

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Noms of the Day - 楓釉迷迭香山核桃
Noms of the Day - 楓釉迷迭香山核桃
Regular price Sale price HK$80.00
有售 售罄
Noms of the Day - 楓釉迷迭香山核桃

Take a big whiff as you inhale the smell of the rosemary... Now comes a warm and aromatic scent which could only be cumin and cinnamon.

Crunch down on your first pecan. And, oh? What’s that slightly sweet but mellow taste, reminiscent of your Sunday morning pancakes? Why maple syrup of course.

Yes, we know. They taste just as good as they smell.

All products are vegan, keto, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and made from all-natural ingredients.

As a foodie at heart and nutritionist by trade, Shan is generally spotted in grocery stores pondering at the snack aisle looking for snacks to provide my body with the nutrients it needs.

For one reason or another, she is generally left leaving with a bag of raw, plain, slightly stale almonds.

Whilst definitely healthy, she believes snacks can do so much more.

This is why she started Nomsoftheday, to create snacks that contain nutrients to:

  • Satisfy your cravings 

  • Fuel you with energy

  • Lift your mood 

  • Keep you full 

  • Repair and replenish your body

At Nomsoftheday they believe that food should not only be nourishing for our body, but also our soul.  It needs to satisfy our cravings without the guilt or the tax it puts on our bodies. 

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