Tiny Island 香港街道特色飲品杯墊

Tiny Island 香港街道特色飲品杯墊

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🍺 桌子上不再有飲品水印。
♾️ 持久耐用。
🇭🇰 香港製造。

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Tiny Island 香港街道特色飲品杯墊
Tiny Island 香港街道特色飲品杯墊
$ 230.00
Regular price Sale price HK$230.00
有售 售罄
Tiny Island 香港街道特色飲品杯墊

For those of us who regularly tread Hong Kong Island's only road with "star quality", this coaster may look oddly familiar.

It is of course a genuine replica of the very plaque embedded in the manholes of Hollywood Road. The ones that are always missing. Pried loose as a memory, or simply scavenged for the metal itself.

So here's my homage to all those missing plaques. A coaster realized in solid brass, faithful to the original. Produced through lost wax casting and vibration tumbled to produce a softer look.

Note 1.) Any marks or slight discoloration is a natural side effect of the manufacturing and should not be viewed as flaws. These coasters will last for many lifetimes, with only the cork needing replacement.

Note 2.) To preserve the shiny brass finish please wipe down the coaster periodically with linseed or mineral oil, using a microfibre cloth. This will prevent oxidation. Please avoid wiping the cork excessively with oil.

  • 90mm diameter
  • Natural cork backing
  • 100% brass
  • Comes in a locally produced paper box
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Fantastic paperweight as well
  • 1pc coaster per box


    Tiny Island maps are simply the ultimate expression of neighborhood love and the love for quality products.

    Being Swedish I always find any practical item that can also be decorative twice as attractive as anything created purely for beauty. As much as a V12 Rolls-Royce engine is beautiful to look at, it also performs a very practical task.

    This is also why I was drawn to the idea of creating maps that not only served their traditional purpose but also looked amazing when framed.

    As for the maps themselves, well, I simply wanted the best, as I always do. They are printed one by one, by hand, using the old-world silkscreen technique. Recycled Italian acid-free paper was chosen to ensure not only the utmost longevity and beauty but also complete sustainability.

    Each map comes carefully packaged in a locally made cardboard envelope. Flat packed to ensure the best result when framed.

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