Soap Yummy 黑芝麻面部及身體香皂

Soap Yummy 黑芝麻面部及身體香皂

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黑芝麻含有大量鈣質、蛋白質、及抗炎成分,有效減少黑頭、皮膚泛紅及收細毛孔。芝麻油中的他命 E 及卵磷脂可滋養皮膚、緩和紅腫及其他皮炎症狀,整體減少肌膚瑕疵,維持皮膚健康。


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Soap Yummy 招牌芝麻糊手工皂
Soap Yummy 招牌芝麻糊手工皂
Regular price Sale price HK$120.00
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Soap Yummy 招牌芝麻糊手工皂
Face & Body Soap | Suitable for all skin types, best for oily and combination skin 

Signature Black Sesame Soap

Skincare Benefits: Anti-blemishes, Soothing, Hydrating
Containing a high level of calcium, proteins, and anti-inflammatory properties, Black Sesame Soap hydrates your skin and is effective in reducing blackheads, large pores, and skin redness. It helps to reduce skin blemishes and facilitate skin healthiness. Soap Yummy is a sustainable handmade soap and skincare brand.

They take pride in integrating natural food ingredients into our products and promote unique food cultures along the way.

The motto of Soap Yummy is to create natural soaps, lip balms, and skincare that are Yummy to the skin & Gentle to the earth. They offer high-quality skincare that is all-natural and nutritious to the skin and ultimately prevent polluting our Mother Nature by adopting low waste production and plastic-free packaging.

Their products are made with sustainable ingredients and delivered in plastic-free packaging, perfect for self-use and as a gift for friends and family!

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