Soap Yummy 黑咖啡磨砂皂

Soap Yummy 黑咖啡磨砂皂

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Soap Yummy的黑咖啡磨砂香皂具有去角質,保濕功效,由咖啡渣製成,是一種不會污染海洋的天然去角質劑。經常使用可以幫助清除死皮及均勻膚色。

🧼 適合所有膚質。
☕ 去角質黑咖啡渣。
🧊 保濕和清爽。

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Soap Yummy 黑咖啡磨砂皂
Soap Yummy 黑咖啡磨砂皂
Regular price Sale price HK$99.00
有售 售罄
Soap Yummy 黑咖啡磨砂皂
Skincare Benefits: Exfoliating, Moisturizing & Brightening 護膚功效: 去角質、滋潤及提亮 Body Soap | Suitable for all skin types 臉部及身體皂 | 適合所有膚質 Coffee grounds are natural exfoliating agents that do not pollute the ocean. The coffee grounds we used are up-cycled from different cafes in Hong Kong. Regular use ( 2-3 times a week ) can help even out skin tones & clear away dry and dead skin cells. 咖啡渣是天然的磨砂,不會污染海洋。我們使用社區中不同咖啡店的咖啡渣造皂。定期使用( 一星期2-3次 )有效均勻及提亮膚色。 Inspiration: 'Wake Up in New York' is inspired by my trip to NYC! I saw cafes selling handmade bagels and freshly brewed coffee and they smelled wonderful. When I returned to Hong Kong, I thought why not bring some of my favorite memories of bagels and donuts into a brand new soap collection! This is how 'Wake Up in New York' was born! 創作靈感:早前到紐約旅遊的經歷啟發了我推出「紐約早晨」系列。我還記得那裡的咖啡店有自家製麵包圈及新鮮烘焙咖啡,傳出陣陣香氣,令我非常難忘。當我回到香港,就想到把麵包圈及咖啡的美好回憶加入手工皂。因此「紐約早晨」系列便誕生了! — Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Black Coffee, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Up-cycled Coffee Grounds 材料:米糠油、橄欖油、有機冷壓椰子油、黑咖啡、氫氧化鈉、「升級再用」咖啡渣 — How to use: Lather up the soap under running water. Rub the lather or the soap directly onto the skin to cleanse. Enjoy the scents and rinse after :) 如何使用:放於流水下起泡。把泡沫塗於皮膚或直接以手工皂於皮膚上起泡後清潔。享受天然香氣及沖洗。 How to store: To extend the life of your soap, we suggest that you keep it drained between uses, a soap pouch or soap dish would be great! 如何存放:每次使用後保持手工皂乾爽,有效令手工皂更耐用。我們建議使用皂碟或起泡袋。 Approximate weight 重量: 100 g Approximate dimensions 尺寸: 7 x 7 x 2.5 cm — Handmade in Hong Kong with food-grade plant oils and skin-loving food ingredients. Inspired by the unique food culture all over the world. Vegan friendly, palm oil free, and plastic free packaging. 香港手工製造。所有產品嚴選食品級植物油及護膚食材而製。靈感源自世界各地飲食文化。產品適合素食人士,不含棕櫚油及不採用塑膠包裝。 All of our products are free from synthetic colors, sulfates, and parabens. 所有產品不含人工色素、硫酸鹽和對羥基苯甲酸酯防腐劑。

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